Product Designer and occasionally Illustrator!

Little Bit About Me

I am a Dubai-based product designer, originally from the East Asian country Mongolia. FYI, I don't know how to ride a horse or how to live like a nomad. 🤦‍♂️

In 7+ years of designing, I designed a few brand identities, illustrated a few keyframes for a motion design agency, and fiddled with animations. I tried mostly everything before settling in and falling in love with designing Digital Products.

For the last 4 years, I designed multi-platform apps for amazing startups, including Hipay Wallet, Centered App and Sendly Money Transfer App.

When I am not designing, you can find me playing Fifa Career Mode. Recently got Promoted from EPL League Two to EPL Championship! I love playing simple football with 4-3-3.

Software Engineer turned Designer

I graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science. I understood most problems at school and solved them quickly. But, I never enjoyed the development process, which included multiple hours of debugging and bug fixing.

While I was at university, I helped design a few logos and brochures for University's 3D Lab. Designing was so much fun. I even set up an Upwork profile and started freelancing while I was in university. Getting paid was also very fun, even for 20$ per logo. I know.

The Leatherman Multi-Tool of Design

My main focus still remains to design and deliver the best experience in digital product, but in early-level startups, we don't have luxury to hire many people with each different job description.

I occasionally wear many hats, including social media, animation, illustrations and so on. Therefore, the analogy of Leatherman multi-tool.

Made in Framer © 2022

Made in Framer © 2022