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Hi, I'm Batzorig,
Generalist Product Designer helping early-stage startups to get from 0 to 1

I have 3 years of experience working with early-level fintech & productivity startups to help them design digital products from the ground up. Previously at Centered, Hipay.

Working from Dubai, UAE, and looking for a new challenge! :)

Featured Work

HiPay Wallet App

HiPay is a digital wallet application, focusing on keeping your identity, money safe and giving you freedom in your finance.
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U Money Card Recharging

U Money Card is used to pay the bus fare. To make the recharging process easy, we have developed an NFC Payment option in Hi-Pay Mobile App.
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Routine App

Routine will help you build meaningful habits by breaking down your goals, keeping you accountable, and reminding you of your goals.
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Mobile App MVP


We will work together to develop the application architecture and design the experience. After this, we are going to validate the idea with potential users and test the product. Once completed, we launch and aim for the moon!

Website design


A wise man once said "Everybody needs a website", but at the same time, it needs to have clear messaging be accessible, easy to navigate. We will work together to build compelling story and tell it visually throughout the website.

Design system


Our life would be much better with a little bit more organization, don't you agree? We will work together to craft robust design systems and guidelines. This will help the hand-over process between designers and developers much better.